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The Mission of Kids On The Hill Academy is to:

  • provide a God centered early education,

  • in a secure, nurturing and loving environment,

  • where children, families, and staff thrive’

  • and the community is benefited by children who are life-long learners and parent who have a strong commitment to education.



The Academy maintains a child centered philosophy that:

  • Accepts each child at their own developmental level.

  • Encourages them to learn through rich experiences.

  • Realizes that children are extremely sensitive to body language, attitudes, acceptance or rejection from others and because of this a child's self image and self esteem are developed largely by how others react toward him/her.  In view of this, our teachers and staff make every attempt to make each child feel loved, accepted, and very special.

  • Recognizes that part of that discipline plays in the well being, maturity and growth of the child.  Therefore, teachers and other staff use only positive methods of discipline and guidance that encourage self esteem, self-control, and self direction.

Learning Experiences


In our learning experiences we encourage discovery, creativity, development and exploration in a safe, respectful, yet stimulating relationship based environment.

We facilitate this through our curriculum and daily programming designed to help all children learn and grow in positive ways. While your child is here, we will be helping him/her to:

  • actively engage in and enjoy the learning process.

  • learn to question, think, problem solve, and discover.

  • be creative and flexible.

  • discover his/her unique talents and wonderful potential.

  • learn to function comfortably as a member of a group.

  • appreciate and respect individual differences among people and families.

  • learn more than just the “ right “ answers.

  • assimilate and apply necessary pre-academic skills.

  • reach his learning potential by providing a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere where self- esteem, independence, decision making and self-control are supported.

  • learn to function comfortably as a member of a group and grow in their ability to trust others and develop rewarding interpersonal relationships.

  • appreciate and respect individual differences and all other aspects of diversity in the children, teachers and other adults they come in contact with.

  • understand expectations and boundaries in the classroom and their interpersonal relationships with others.

  • flourish in areas of social, emotional and cognitive growth,

  • actively participate in and enjoy the learning process by engaging in a wide variety of age appropriate activities in a predictable daily schedule.

  • discover his/her unique talents and wonderful potential.

  • learn to question, think, problem solve, and discover.

  • be creative and flexible.

  • learn more than just the “ right “ answers.

  • utilize Learning Centers and Hands-On Activities as an avenue for learning.

  • assimilate and apply necessary pre-academic skills.



Academy Director, Samantha Hatcher, is originally from Pennsylvania. She moved here to Texas to pursue her education goals at Christ for the Nations Institute where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Practical Ministry with an emphasis in Children and Family, as well as Global Missions. Samantha has over 6 years of experience in licensed child care facilities and has worked with children in Honduras as well as Cuba. Not planning on ever having pets, Samantha found herself falling in love with a little gray Maine Coon kitten she has named Alfred Thaddeus who now has her heart. Samantha loves being on the Kids on the Hill Academy team and serving our families. Our Academy is better because of her.

Our dedicated and competent staff love the children in the Academy and give quality care to each child in their classrooms. The goal of our staff is to provide a nurturing environment where families can go to work with the peace of mind that their children are being cared for by a teacher who loves them, is highly trained, and meets the developmental needs of their children.


The curriculum currently being used in the Academy was developed by our previous directors Mrs. Jeanette and Ms. Sue, and is updated on a regular basis. The Sign Language classes were developed by Mrs. Jeanette and have made a real difference in the literacy skill of our children since the classes were initiated for children in classes from newborn through K-4.


They continue to remain on the cutting edge of Early Childhood Education by taking advantage of classes offered in early Childhood Education; along with college courses which broaden their knowledge in areas of Business Management and Staff Development, as well as courses outside the area of Early Childhood Education which broaden the Academy's ability to provide to the children and their parents innovative and unique services which are outside the norm


Mrs. Samantha gives ongoing continuing education classes to our teachers.


Our staff is selected on the basis of their:


Godly Character,

love for children,

gentle and compassionate spirit,

sensitivity to the needs and feeling of the children,

awareness and acceptance of individuality and uniqueness of each child,

listening and verbal skills,

maturity, ability to be a team player and to respect confidentiality and

sense of humor,

For Staff Education please go to the section on safety.