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Ways to Partner With Your Child’s Teacher

  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep each night. Most kids get far less sleep than their bodies require which negatively impacts their interactions with their peers, their ability to learn and their behavior. A Sleepy Child is A Surly Child.

    • Studies have proven that children under six years of age need 10 – 12 hours of sleep per night.

  • Get your child up early enough in the morning so that he can ease into his day without feeling rushed. When children feel rushed their anxiety levels increase and their days gets off to a poor start.

  • Don’t give your child a lot of sugary snacks before school, it only wires him up and makes it difficult to settle into the routine of the day. And PLEASE no gum or candy sent to school.

  • Be at school on time ! A good rule of thumb is to be there at least 15 minutes before school starts so he can have time to interact with his friends and settle in before the day is in full swing. When a child arrives to class late it and the class is already in the middle of the activities for the day, it disrupts the rest of the class and your child misses out on important information needed to make his day successful.

  • Don’t use drop-off or pick-up time to conference with the teacher. If you have a concern or question regarding your child or his education, feel free to see the Director and make an appointment for a conference with your child’s teacher. The teacher’s primary concern in the classroom is to interact with the children and to ensure the safety of all children under her supervision. She cannot (no matter how much she would like to) take her attention away from her classes and focus on other issues.

  • Be assured that your child’s teacher has their best interest at heart, so don’t get upset and on the defensive if she comes to you with a concern about your child. Even if you don’t see that behavior at home it is important to realize that if she is concerned enough to bring the problem to your attention it is obviously something she has observed before. The important thing is that you and the teacher partner together to come to a solution to give your child the tools to assist the child in making better choices at school.

  • Last but not least, send your child to school dressed in a manner that allows them to be as independent as possible. Kids have a have a great need for independence and want to do things for themselves –please dress them in clothes and shoes that will allow them to do so and experience the feeling of a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Take into account that lots of messy hands-on-activities will take place, so don’t dress them in their very best clothes.



Kids On the Hill Academy realizes the difficulty in finding alternative care for sick children, but adhering to our illness policy is for your child’s protection, the protection of all the children, and staff. Observing our illness policy will maintain a healthy childcare environment.


Please do not give your child medication to reduce his fever, diarrhea or vomiting because when the medication wears off we will have to call you to come and pick them up. You must pick-up your child within one hour after receiving the call.


We have set these standards as a necessary part of our overall program to ensure an optimal environment for all children in our care. Planning in advance to provide alternative care for your child when they are sick will avoid last minute worries.


We ask that you have a back-up caregiver (someone you can call if the Center has to close or if your child is sick). Please call or email the office when your child is absent for illness or any other reason.


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