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Although Education is a very important part of the Academy, it is imperative that Safety and Supervision is an integral part of the daily functioning in order to provide a safe and secure environment for the children as well as staff and any other person who may walk through the Academy doors.


For the safety and appropriate supervision of the children at Kids On The Hill Academy all staff upon being hired are given an extensive orientation no matter how long they have worked in a licensed child care setting. . This assures that they follow our standards in the areas of safety and supervision.


All staff undergo the following before being allowed in the classroom:

  • Reference Check

  • Background Check with Child Care Licensing

  • Background Check with the FBI

  • Fingerprinting

  • TB Test

  • CPR Training and Certification

  • First Aid Training and Certification

  • Emergency Preparedness Training – Emergency Evacuation Plan

  • Education regarding Fire, Tornado, Earth Quake, Intruder and Shelter in Place Procedures.

  • A Course in Blood-Borne Pathogens, Child Abuse and First Aid For Daycares

  • A Course on Supervision and Safety Practices in the Academy

  • A Course on Preventing The Spread Of Communicable Diseases

  • Education regarding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Shaken Baby Syndrome and Baby Brain – Understanding Early Childhood Brain Development

Each teacher then will be oriented to their class by an experienced teacher and work with them before being responsible for the class on their own.


All Staff and Children are involved in the following on a regular basis :

  • Fire Drills Monthly

  • Quarterly Tornado, Earth Quake, Intruder Drills

  • Education of the children throughout the year on Safety at School and Home in each area listed above. The education is presented in a fun manner with lots of hands-on activities so that the children will remember and take action in the event they find themselves in one of these situations.


Supervision of Children

Supervision of children is of utmost importance to the Administration and Staff at KOTHA therefore we follow:

  • Minimum Standards for Teacher/Child Ratio

  • Minimum Standards for Teacher Supervision of the children inside and outside the Academy as well as having the room set up so that the child can be seen by the teacher at all times.




All Staff and Children are taught and involved in appropriate hygiene practices throughout the day.


Hand Washing

  • Children are taught to sing the ABC song all the way through slowly so that they are washing their hands long enough to be effective.

  • Hand washing techniques are taught at the beginning of each school year, at the beginning of the Summer Camp and to children new to the Academy.

  • Children are also given hands-on classes to educate them regarding why it is so important to wash our hand, what happens when we don’t, and when we should wash our hands.

  • Children are constantly washing their hands throughout the day, but especially before eating, after using the restroom, before doing crafts which allow hand contact with food or other materials that might go into the mouth and after wiping their nose.


Children are taught to:

  • Cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing by turning their head into their elbow.

  • Use only their own combs or brushes and not share headbands, hats or other items that go into their hair.

  • Only eat food from their own plates and not to share food brought from home.



Classrooms are checked daily by teachers with a checklist when they arrive each morning to assure that the classroom is safe for the children. Any classroom equipment, supplies or toys not meeting safety standards are removed from the room.



Our high-quality playground equipment is safe, sturdy checked daily by a teacher before the children are taken to the playground. All outside play areas are wrapped in secure fencing.


We do not have playground equipment which require fall zones for the added safety of your child. Our playground is fun and allows the children to use their imagination as well as their large and small muscles.



  • The Academy is cleaned and sanitized thoroughly at the end of each day with non-toxic cleaning solution approved by Licensing.

  • Teachers also clean their room throughout the day and tables are cleaned after every craft time, when soiled and before and after meals.

  • Cleaning supplies are stored safely out of reach of children.

  • If toys are mouthed, they are removed from the general play area and placed in a soiled toy bucket to be cleaned and sanitized at the end of the day or during naptime.

  • Diapering is conducted in a specified area and strict policies and procedures for diapering and cleaning and sanitizing of the diaper changing area are followed.



  • Strict policies for storing and administering medication to your child are followed to ensure they are given the right medication, by the right route, at the right time, in the right dose, to the right child.

  • Medications are stored securely out of the reach of children in the Administrative Offices and are not allowed to be in the classroom, the diaper bags nor on the child’s person, or in his bottle or food.

  • See the Parent Handbook for more specifics on our Medication Policy.


Well Child Center

For the safety and protection of your child’s health we are a WELL CHILD CENTER.

No child will be allowed to attend if he comes to the center ill, or develops symptoms after arrival. See the Parent Handbook for more specific Guidelines and Policies.


  • Cameras are located in each of the classroom housing younger children and are viewed throughout the day by the Director and Assistant Director.

  • Classroom doors have windows which are not allowed to be covered so that anyone walking by can see all activity in that room.

  • Walking rounds are made at intervals by the Director and Assistant Director.

  • All doors leading into the Academy classrooms are locked unless they are monitored by someone letting the parents in during entry and exit times.

  • Each parent/guardian must give a written list on a form provided by the Academy stating who may pick up their child, or anyone not allowed to pick up the child. If a parent states the other parent may not pick up the child, we must have a Court Order stating that. Anyone picking up a child other than the parent must present a picture Id. If picking up a child who requires a Car Seat, they will not be able to pick up the child if they do not have the Car Seat.

  • No child will be allowed to leave the Academy with any person who smells of alcohol, appears to be under the influence of drugs or not in their right mind.

  • If said person refuses to leave or causes a problem, 911 will be called and charges pressed.

  • The parent will have to make arrangements for someone else to pick up the child.


KOTHA is a Drug and Alcohol and Tobacco Free Campus

The following will not be permitted anywhere on the premises of KOTHA or in the vehicles used by KOTHA:

  • Use of tobacco or related products

  • Use or possession of illegal substances

  • Use or possession of sexually explicit materials

  • Use or possession of firearms

  • The Academy meets both State and City Laws and Codes on the presence of Fire Extinguishers, Sprinkler System, Fire Alarm System, Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Smoke Detectors.

  • Annual Inspections are made of each of the systems mentioned and turned into the proper Code Division of the City of Cedar Hill.

  • Health Inspections are made annually and Food Programs Inspections are made quarterly.